Сеть отелей Ринальди в Санкт-Петербурге:
8(812) 622-15-42, 8(495) 646-14-85, +7 (911) 270-28-56 fax


  • You can have breakfast from 07.00h to 10.00h (MSK).

Breakfast consists of: 

  •   the green tea packaged (2gr)
  •   the black tea packaged (2gr)
  •   coffee natural in grains (you can cook coffee in the coffee machine)
  •   sugar (10gr)
  •   croissant (37gr)

If you don't want to have breakfast in hotel or you want to order in addition a lunch, a dinner, we will be able to reserve for you a little table in one of cafes/restaurants of St. Petersburg. Cost and the menu of a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner at cafe/restaurant needs to be coordinated with booking managers of B&B Rinaldi in advance. For this purpose send, please, all your wishes to the e-mail address info@rinaldi.ru.

IMPORTANT! Breakfast is not included in the price, if you booked a non-refundable tariff or following hotels:

  • Rinaldi at Moskovskiy - II
  • Rinaldi at Moskovskiy - I
  • Rinaldi at Moskovskiy 18
  • Rinaldi Victory
  • Rinaldi Poetic
  • Rinaldi at Grecheskiy prospekt
  • Rinaldi Harmony
  • Rinaldi at Mariinskiy theater
  • Rinaldi at Nevskiy 105
  • Rinaldi History
  • Rinaldi at Pertogradskaya
  • Rinaldi at Bolshoy prospekt
  • Rinaldi at Petropavlovskaya