1.    How can I book a room?

You can book a room with us:

  1. Online: http://rinaldi.ru/online
  2. Over a phone: 7 (812) 325-41-88, 7 (495) 646-14-85
  3. By writing to our e-mail:  info@rinaldi.ru
  4. By fax: 7 (812) 325-41-89
  5. Or by contacting us on any of our social media accounts:
2.    Are there any booking fees?

Booking a room with us is free.

4.    Are any of your hotels located near a subway station?

Every single one of our hotels islocated near a subway station!

So far, these stations include TechnologicheskyInstitut, GostinyDvor, Chernyshevskaya, Ploshad' Vosstania, Petrogradskaya, Sportivnaya and Vasileostrovskaya.

5.    What kinds of rooms do your hotels offer?

We offer standard rooms, comfort rooms and studios.

7.    What hotels of B&B Rinaldi have air-conditioner in the room?

Air-conditioners have such B&B Rinaldi as:


8.    Does any hotel of B&B Rinaldi have a crib and how much does it cost?

B&B Rinaldi Olimpia  and B&B Rinaldi Harmony has a crib. Our Guests may use the crib for 500 rubles per night. There is no any discounts for using it.

9.    Do you offer any discounts for children?

Children older than 3 get to stay in our hotels absolutely free of charge!

10.    What’s included in the price of my room?

Access to all the common areas of the hotel and a french breakfast each morning.

11.    What does your french breakfast include?

You can have breakfast from 07.00h to 10.00h (MSK).

Each B&B Rinaldi mini-hotels are included a french breakfast in the accommodation price:

  •   the green tea packaged JAVA (2gr)
  •   the black tea packaged NURI (2gr)
  •   coffee natural in grains (you can cook coffee in the coffee machine)
  •   sugar (10gr)
  •   croissant (37gr)
12.    What is the “Basic Rate”?

Our Basic Rate requires you to prepay your 1st night of stay within three days of receiving the booking confirmation and allows you to freely cancel your booking until 72 hours before arrival with 100% refund.


13.    What is a “non-refundable rate”?

Non-refundable rates require full prepayment within three days of receiving the booking confirmation and do not allow any cancellations or modifications of the booking to be made.

14.    What are the standard check-in and check-out times?

Check-in – 1.00 PM  (MSK)                                                                                                                    

Check-out – 11.00 AM (MSK)

15.    Can I check-in/out outside of those times?

Yes, but it will depend upon the availability of the room. If you want a guaranteed early check-in or a late check-out, we offer such a service at a price of 50% of the cost of the first or the last night of your stay, respectively.

16.    How can I pay for my stay?

You can pay online with your bank card by following the link in the booking confirmation e-mail or with a bank transfer. It is also possible to pay for your stay on the spot, in any of our offices or mini-hotels, with cash or a bank card.

17.    Is it safe to pay by credit card over the Internet?

Yes. The Payment is made via the payment system "PSKB Bank".

20.    Is it possible for my organization to pay for my booking and/or stay?

 Of course! In that case, we ask you to send us the bank details of your organization together with your booking request. Shortly afterwards, we will send you back a booking confirmation and an invoice.

21.    For legal purposes, is it necessary to officially register as a guest in the B&B Rinaldi hotels upon arrival?

As required by law, all tenants must register with us upon the beginning of their stay in our mini-hotels. To do this, Russian citizens need to present their domestic passports, while foreign citizens need to present their passports, Russian visas and migratory cards.

 Otherwise, we can refuse accommodation!!!

22.    Is smoking allowed on the premises of B&B Rinaldi?

Smoking in our mini-hotels is not allowed according to the Federal Law № 15-FL from 23d of February 2013. We apologize for the inconvenience.