April 2019

Friends, only for You we are pleased to announce a secret PROMO code 01042019. By giving us this PROMO code, we will give You a 15% discount on your stay.



1/ the action starts 01.04.2019

2/ the promotion is valid only for bookings made by one of the following methods:

  • (in the comments, be sure to specify the name of the action)
  • Bodies: 7 (812) 325-41-88, 7 (495) 646-14-85, 8 (800) 333-41-90
  • E-mail: (application in any form with the obligatory indication of the guest's name, contact phone number, the name of the action)
  • 8-952-375-55-61 (Viber)
  • 8-911-730-08-34 (WhatsApp)

3/ you can book any room category according to the promotion

4/ stay in your network Rinaldi shares between 01.04.19 for 30.04.19

5/ you can book any number of nights for the promotion