Сеть отелей Ринальди в Санкт-Петербурге:
8(812) 622-15-42, 8(495) 646-14-85, +7 (911) 270-09-71, +7 (911) 270-28-56 fax

Сеть комнат и отелей в Санкт-Петербурге

Rinaldi. Always convenient, always at hand!

Rinaldi is a chain of rooms and hotels that encompasses the entire city of Saint-Petersburg, with each of our accomodations being located within easy reach of the nearest subway station. So far, these include Technologichesky Institut, Gostiny Dvor, Chernyshevskaya, Ploshad' Vosstania, Petrogradskaya, Sportivnaya and Vasileostrovskaya, but we are always expanding and looking forward to including other stations in that list soon.

Our first address was opened on Moskovsky 20, on the 21st of April, 2003 and was named simply that - Rinaldi, not only because it stood right across from the first milestone of the great architect Antonio Rinaldi, but also because it was located in a beautiful landmark building that was worthy of his name. And now, the rest of our rooms are no different - all located in beautiful places that are both quiet and conveniently close to the major artheries of the city.

We offer not only accomodation, but also services in organizing various trips and tours, assisting with transfer to and from our rooms. If you have any queries about what else we can do for you - write us, we might be able to help!

Dobro Pozhalovat!

Important notice:

Dear guests,

We kindly ask you to understand that our mini-hotels do not take up entire buildings but instead are properties within municipally-protected apartment complexes that have their own entryways. We would also like to emphasize that due to the local laws, we are extremely limited in the number of ways we can make the location of our hotels known to the onlookers and are allowed only sheet-sized brass plates to display our name and logo outside our entrances. Our residents, therefore, should not expect to find a traditional hotel in a separate building that is adorned with meter-high letters, but rather something that resembles a western hostel – an inconspicuous door that leads into a property that shares its walls with private apartments. Of course, the quality of our services and accommodations is much higher than that of a hostel, but our mini-hotels are not exactly hotels in the traditional sense of the word.

Thank you for understanding,

Rinaldi administration.